Bugs in colonists actions

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Bugs in colonists actions

Post by Icemanau » Sat Sep 10, 2016 3:49 am

Build 0.57 (with Water Condensers) as of 13:30 10/Sep/16.

OS Win 7 64 bit Ultimate.

Dxdiag and Console Log file attached. (Highlighted any lines in the console log that showed errors)

Problem - Other and balance issue

Colonists are still repeating actions.

Any game I start, the colonists will get to a stage where they seem to get stuck in a loop of repeating the same actions again and again.
Some get stuck using the medical scanner, others get stuck sleeping/waking. You may need a check put into each colonists work list to make sure they are not repeating a previous action.

Also, obviously injured (Limping & holding side) colonists are not going to medical ASAP when it is available.
If/when they do go to medical, the scanner has in some cases shown them as being healthy even when the updates for that colonists says they have hurt themselves.

I'm also still having colonists die due to dehydration or starvation even when food and water are available.

Even when I have marked items to have priority in the build queue, colonists are ignoring them and just repeating actions or building other items that are not priority items.

Balance Issue
You may have confused Calories and Kilojoules. The average DAILY intake of Kilojoules is approximately 8700kJ according to this site. http://www.mydailyintake.net/daily-intake-levels/
You have the colonists eating 6000kJ each time they get food/rations. If they are eating that much extra energy, they should be blowing up like blimps.
Each colonist should be eating three meals a day of around 2900kJ not two to three times a day at 6000kJ.

Regards Brad
Compressed DxDiag and Console Log.
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Re: Bugs in colonists actions

Post by dani » Sat Oct 01, 2016 12:03 am

+1. My colonists have an active, prioritized order to build a wind turbine, which they will need for atmosphere and heat. Instead they run into my empty living area and perform an emotion or sometimes sit down on the floor. They eventually die of hypothermia. They seem to respond to indoor build orders. Do they have a state where they just don't want to go outside?
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