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Colonists freezing to death [0.58 - Windows 7 x64]

Posted: Mon Oct 17, 2016 12:53 am
by shockedder
Build 0.58.
OS Win 7 64 bit Ultimate.
Problem: Other/Balance Issue

This is actually a twofold problem:

- When building a new room, a colonist will die of hypothermia if the building process takes too long (a large room / unavailable smelted materials). He/She should either leave the hazardous environment or the hypothermia issue should be dialed down a bit.

-When building a new room, a colonist/or more can get trapped inside even if an order for a door to the room is placed ( they get trapped either due to unavailable smelted materials or low prioritization of the door build ) and they die of hypothermia (again), rather quickly.