Post Thu Mar 02, 2017 12:45 am

doors unbuildable

Alpha build number:

Operating System:

Bug severity: Start up crash / Game play crash / Unexpected behaviour/ Balance issue / Other
Unexpected behavior

Complete steps to replicate bug:
Dig out space for a room, lay down the room template (happens with many types of rooms), attempt to place a doorway but it goes red or orange because of some invisible obstacle.

Other notes:
Usually nobody picks up the rubble quickly, so I place room tiles on top of rubble piles. The rubble seems to disappear, but maybe it doesn't really? If I later erase the tiles to try a different room layout, the rubble doesn't reappear. It still seems gone. But I replace the same layout, and I still can't fit a door on the wall. I end up with colonists trapped inside rooms I can't get them out of unless I demolish the room again. I can place the doorway blueprint, but nobody ever builds it since it's not "green".