Known Issue Thread - Check before posting issues.

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Known Issue Thread - Check before posting issues.

Post by Ruairí » Mon Mar 02, 2015 11:18 am

This is the "Known Issue Thread" a list of all the current active* issues in the Maia Bug Database. It will be updated periodically.

#51 Colonists are Walled in (airlock ver)
#60 Quick saving/loading doesn't work (linux)
#17 Lander crew get stuck if impassible object is in front of lander
#37 Tasking IMP to Dig inaccessible wall causes slowdown
#69 IMP stops collecting Material (even with Hopper)
#77 Loading Multiple times can cause AI shutdown.
#102 Airlock can be crushed by Cave-in leading to crash
#109 Right clicking on an object in blueprint phase causes crashes
#114 Colonist dying in bed causes frame rate to die
#118 IMP pulling plants causes AI issues.
#128 AI "stutter"
#132 IMP placing fossil breaks.
#139 Stills Deposit waterbarrels in inaccessible spots.
#145 Dead IMPs not removed from list, unable to build additional IMPs
#156 Colonist Spawning at corner of Map
#157 Object blueprints are sometimes ignored.
#72 Medical Drips functionality change (food Dispensers)
#126 Door placement Needs refined
#10 Colonists can wear AtmoSuit inside base.
#16 Lander Animation occurring on external objects
#21 Colonist died inside of rock wall formation
#29 Dissembling Room function Deletes Rockwalls
#35 Repeating beeping noise on colonist death text
#42 Placing a large object over a Rubble pile causes slowdown
#49 unique objects can be built outside of rooms
#53 Diagnosis table Is missing Name Text in Object building mode
#56 Material textures are not order agnostic in xml file reading
#62 Cave in save state issues.
#68 Colonist picking up Rubble outside do so without suits.
#81 Lander issues on load
#82 Flag flips out on multiple loads.
#83 Right clicking on flagpoles blueprint flag causes flag only to disappear.
#84 Colonists building flags get stuck in mesh.
#87 IMP dig order spots on load are ignored.
#89 Imp moving fossil becomes broken on load
#90 Multiple AIs interacting with rubble can cause crash
#91 Colonists ask for Workshop table even when one is built.
#92 Molerats can spawn off the edge of the map
#94 Removing Turret blueprint removes only top half
#95 Doors lose door parts
#96 Doors opening/closing sound loops
#98 Rebuilt IMP has old-Removed orders stuck in head
#110 IMP uprooting causes AI freeze and possible crash
#115 Multiple Airlocks cause AI confusion
#116 Airlock can be placed and built halfway into wall.
#120 IMP can become stuck focused on tasks that cannot be completed.
#122 Colonist can become stuck in corners of rooms
#125 Colonist stuck between walls while attempting Repair of Workshop drill
#131 Secondary AtmoGens have no sound effects.
#137 Possible to place more than one door on the same spot.
#138 IMPs can attempt to pull plants from Lab containment
#141 Destroying workbenches crash
#146 Room objects can be built outside of room along cave walls.
#148 Colonists can become stuck between walls when building rooms.
#152 Colonists build objects from inside, can lead to being stuck
#158 Colonists walking through walls.
#63 Colonist crushed in cave in does not produce death report
#64 Colonists Reuse objects they have already "used" moments before.
#129 Creatures going outside of gameworld cause constant gameworld resets
#66 Placement Effectiveness Data needs Clearer information.
#153 Allow for right click removal while in build mode
#5 Colonists Pass through Doors
#11 First object used outside causes odd blueprint.
#13 Colonist lander animation offset midway through
#20 Megacephs clip regularly with each other during animations and walking.
#33 Research text crawl is too slow when player has several projects complete.
#40 Domestic animals leave airlock
#44 Bulkhead doors cannot be locked
#45 UI scaling to 150% cuts off 3/4 of the rendered screen.
#47 External boulders can block Airlock on unlucky spawn
#58 Lander Icon appears even without building comtower requisite
#61 The start0up script runs the entire time the game runs (linux)
#65 Start Up crash : 3rd Party program interference: "Evolve"
#67 IMP walks in circles if cannot move fossil
#75 Hydroponic Trees Reset to midpoint when loading
#76 Colonist current stats (heat/heartrate ect.) do not carry over on save.
#88 Fossils change type on load.
#101 Possible to build around airlock blocking it
#103 Terminal Tool-tip flickers when there isn't room for data
#104 Locked Doors cannot be unlocked unless clicking on frame.
#108 Colonists empty second barrel of water from still before filled
#111 Plants that have be ordered to be removed and then cleared are still removed.
#117 Airlock / rockwalls clipping
#119 Possible to revert to star up menu.
#135 [sound] Atmogen/3d printer upon loading a save will play their start up noises
#144 Random areas outside have different build list.
#154 Locked doors on loading show wall parts on top.
#155 Colonists wandering through objects
#22 F12 Image saves are not saving at Native resolution
#38 Water Barrel Sound effects not working
#50 Floor "Rubble" model can appear under pre-built rooms
#130 [Menu] Pressing a key causes the mouse hand to disappear

* Active issues may be partially fixed already, or linked to sub issues thus leading them not to be closed/shown currently.
Just because an issue isn't mentioned here does not mean it is not Known nor in the database, but feel free to discuss.

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