tutorial - nvidia optimus & linux

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tutorial - nvidia optimus & linux

Post by sphe » Fri Apr 10, 2015 8:10 pm

i am not sure if it's a good place to post this, so feel free to move / copy this thread somewhere else if needed

i noticed that there are questions here about nvidia. i am pasting this for anybody who has a problem with running maia on linux aka.: black screen (it applies to other programs and games as well)

to get "RunMaia" starting correctly I use "primusrun" before it to use nvidia card instead of the integrated card ("primusrun" replaced "optirun" in bumblebee)

i wrote a short tutorial for linux mint community a while ago, that i am pasting here as well. hope it helps somebody! :)
note: this tutorial was originally written for for hybrid graphics, but it's possible it may help others... not sure. :)

from: http://community.linuxmint.com/tutorial/view/1687

Tags: graphic card, Nvidia 650M, Ivy Bridge, bumblebee, hybrid graphics, Nvidia Optimus, primusrun

Nvidia Optimus on Linux Mint 17 - GT650M ASUS N56

PROBLEM: Hybrid card not recognized (which resulted in loud fan, insufficient drivers for software).

In LM 15 & 16 it was necessary to install x-swat and bumblebee respositories - this is not needed anymore, and it actually broke the system in my case.

As of LM 17 (June 2014) the solution is much simpler. Start with a fresh installation, update the system.

Follow the steps below - it appears that the order is important.

From Package Manager:

install bumblebee with bbswitch-dkms

install primus

install bumblebee-nvidia (the Manager will add a few dependecies - accept these as well)

From Driver Manager (accessible through Control Centre)

install recommended Nvidia 331 driver

To run software use i.e.:

primusrun wine


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