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Collection of Issues

Posted: Mon Apr 20, 2015 7:05 pm
by alex
Some issues I have come across while playing.

Version 0.48a

Mouse scrolling not working.
After tabbing out of the game in room building mode edge of screen mouse scrolling no longer works.

Dig/mine targets not persisting
When loading a previously saved game the mine/dig targets are not loaded.

Saving completes building
Sometimes when loading a previously saved game the toilet is built but retains the green grid showing an object yet to be created.

Sound remains playing
When tabbed out the sound of the game continues to play. This may be by design but if you have a warning going on in the background it gets quite annoying!

AI stops building
I know this has been reported before but I've found that saving the game, quitting the application and reloading everything again sometimes gets the build queue going again.

Character movement
While the AI is having building issues it seems to also manifest a person movement bug. People seem to continually run then walk and repeat while moving to a destination.