Errors! Bugs! Failures! But I get sound, at least...

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Errors! Bugs! Failures! But I get sound, at least...

Post by Hirnsausen » Fri Mar 25, 2016 7:16 am

During start, I am getting many dozens of errors, each time I have to press a button on my keyboard to try to continue to load. Not user-friendly. Finally, after all errors went through, the game seemed not to start, only the music plaid. Frustration!

My suggestion: let the loading continue even if there are errors, but capture each error message in an "Error Log" file.
Also, make the game compatible for many computers, even if the graphics might not look on some as they might do on some other systems. It's the game-play, too, that matters!

I bought my laptop just two years ago, and put 8GB RAM in it.
HQ Presario CQ57
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