Lighting control gets locked into colour mode [0.54]

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Lighting control gets locked into colour mode [0.54]

Post by Woetoo » Thu Mar 31, 2016 7:50 pm

Alpha build number: 0.54
Operating System: Windows 7

Bug severity: Unexpected behaviour - Lighting control gets locked into colour mode

I had this a couple of times today. What was happening was that I was using the "colour picker" on existing lights/glow sticks to change their colour. However, from that point on until I exited the game, I couldn't switch lights/lamps on or off. Specifically, I was having the halogen style floor lamps that I was using in my hydroponics room set on fire because I couldn't switch them off without using a circuit breaker. Clicking on those light when they were simply showing as overheating did nothing.

Edit: Another aspect of this is if you change the colour of an existing light (a glow stick for example). You click the glow stick and use the new colour picker to choose a different colour. If you then click on a different light (or think you have) and change it's colour to something else... the original glow stick changes colour. It's like you can't exit from the colour picker on the original light source. In my case, I think I was still locked in this mode when I was trying to switch off my halogen lights. Escape, RMB, selecting something else... Nothing exits this mode that I found when I was trying deliberately to do so.

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