Load game repeats dead colonists warnings [0.54]

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Load game repeats dead colonists warnings [0.54]

Post by Woetoo » Thu Mar 31, 2016 7:59 pm

Alpha build number: 0.54
Operating System: Windows 7

Bug severity: Unexpected behaviour - Loading saved game sometimes gives "old" warnings about dead colonists

Given that the game often crashes on me at unexpected times after fairly long play sessions, I started getting in the habit of saving whenever my bases feel like they aren't going to fail soon. I've also noted that sometimes, if an imp or colonist is doing something odd, saving and immediately loading can sometimes clear the odd behaviour.

BUT... if there are dead colonists (and some play sessions, I have a LOT of dead bodies), I get the "colonist died" warning again.
When I load the game, there can be half a dozen or more "Skull" messages waiting for me immediately after I hit load, even those I previous read/cleared those messages.
It only seems to be for colonists who's bodies are still on the ground. Bodies in body bags don't seem to trigger it.

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