The Dunce Corner - Where Colonists Go to Starve [0.54]

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The Dunce Corner - Where Colonists Go to Starve [0.54]

Post by Woetoo » Sun Apr 03, 2016 7:02 pm

Alpha build number: 0.54
Operating System: Windows 7

Bug severity: Unexpected behaviour - Colonists are dying in the corner of my Workshop.

I can see no reason for this one and it's repeatable, so I'm including a savegame file for it.
During this playthrough, colonists have repeatedly chosen to walk to the corner of my primary Workshop, stay there and die of starvation.

The save is about 5 seconds before Colonist Baker dies.

The savegame can be downloaded here, via Dropbox: [Link]

Two other colonists have died recently (not sure if it's in the same place). When this save is initially loaded, those two deaths will be announced again. They can be ignored.
The primary workshop is in the lower left corner of this base. The colonists are dying in the upper right corner of that room, just to the right of the 3rd smelter
There are three, possibly four, dead bodies already in that corner.

As a sidenote, this save also includes other things I've reported.
  • Repeating death warnings/messages about colonists that died ages ago when save game is loaded.
  • On the right side of the base is a 2nd airlock that intersects my Radiation Containment room. The two do not join up at all.
  • There is a heater just to the right of that airlock. It is practically invisible due to the thickness of the walls
  • In the same room, to the right of the Super Capacitors - almost in the corner is a wall monitor and a circuit breaker. Neither can be seen.
  • Both the Hydroponics and Research rooms are overheating. No amount of messing with the air vents has reduced the temperature. Flipping the circuit breakers didn't help either. The heat just goes up and up.
  • The research computer still doing research when power to the room is switched off via the circuit breaker.
  • etc.

Posts: 72
Joined: Wed Jun 24, 2015 10:40 am

Re: The Dunce Corner - Where Colonists Go to Starve [0.54]

Post by Woetoo » Mon Apr 04, 2016 11:49 pm

Oh. Something new and freaky to add to this one.

If you put this save file where it can be used. Start Maia. Choose "Launch -> Start" rather than "Launch -> Continue" to start a new game. Then press the "load game" icon in the upper right corner... not only do you get a warning about two dead colonists that died ages ago - but you also get about a dozen solar flare warnings, a dozen earthquake warnings and a dozen meteor warnings.

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