No [Back] option when picking new colonists [0.54]

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No [Back] option when picking new colonists [0.54]

Post by Woetoo » Tue Apr 05, 2016 12:01 am

Alpha build number: 0.54
Operating System: Windows 7

Bug severity: Unexpected behaviour - There's no "I've changed my mind" button while picking colonists when starting new game.

Okay. So I've clicked Launch -> Start ....

... and I've a list of 6 colonists, that I've got the choose 4 from.

Except... I didn't really mean to start a new game. I was tired, or stupid, or tired and stupid. What I really wanted to do was continue my previous game.
But, there's no "Back" button. Escape doesn't work, nor any other key combination I could think of other than Alt-F4.
I could just start the game with 4 random colonists and then load my game anyway. But standard PC logic is never take someone into a screen they can't get back out of again.

To be honest, I think <New Game> and <Load Game> should be on the first menu instead of Launch. But that's a discussion for another time (I'd put Scenarios as an option of the New Game menu).

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