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Linux Maia Godot

Posted: Sat Apr 23, 2016 8:42 am
by sphe
I have been patiently waiting for updates for Maia. For a while... I was happy with the changes and fixes on Linux.
Maia .53 was definitely an improvement - less bugs with starvation, building etc. I could run it on Linux directly and on Steam as well. A few persistent bugs: chicken stuck in the wall and multiplying there; colonist taking shortcuts through walls and sometimes refusing to build door in the rooms they construct...

As of .54 Steam stopped working. Other games did work, but Steam gets tricky on Linux so I figured I would wait for Linux version in the Members download area. .54 was never loaded there. I figured you skipped the version. I read that the Linux bugs were being fixed (Steam forum), but sadly Maia still doesn't work for me as of today (Maia .55 on Steam).
I have been checking for Maia Linux .55 on the Maia website - saw Windows and OSX are loaded... still no Linux.

I am one of the users who always waits impatiently for the new version on the Members page. I bought the game because it was standalone Linux game (not Steam).
I understand that it may be difficult for you to keep track of member page downloads, steam and multiple forums... but I wonder if you can at least keep us posted about the current situation. It is disheartening to see no Linux version after multiple logins to member website.

I really love the game and I appreciate the work you do... and I hope some things can be improved.

Yours truly, still waiting for the .54 & .55 Godot :)

Re: Linux Maia Godot

Posted: Sat Apr 23, 2016 1:19 pm
by Woetoo
As a Windows user, I'll add my name to this too.

I understand why Steam is popular. I even understand why Steam seems necessary for developers.
But I'll always want PC games, not Steam games.
Partly because I disliked DRM when it was "what is the 7th word on page 6, paragraph 2, line 3" and partly because I don't think Valve really add 30%'s worth of value. I'd rather buy products direct.

That said, I accidentally requested a steam key on the kickstarter page, so decided to use it rather than keep asking about the downloads page updates.