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Maia on!

Posted: Tue Sep 04, 2012 10:42 pm
by SimoRoth
Wow, for something that was only meant for you forum dwellers this has gained a load of traction!
Simon Roth's upcoming god game has been in development has been in development for a while now but this is the first video we've seen of the title. Inspired by 1970's sci-fi, Maia wants its players to figure out how to manage their space-faring colonists and to keep them from being eaten by the denizens of the planet Maia. It probably won't be easy. Not only will you have to build defenses, you're also going to have keep your people sufficiently fed, watered and entertained. You'll also get bi-polar androids.

Want to keep track of the game? Bookmark the official website here. ... ths_m.html