Gameplay problems in 0.56

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Gameplay problems in 0.56

Post by Icemanau » Sat Jun 25, 2016 7:23 am

Been playing the 0.56 update for a while now and noticed a few problems.

Double Click to increase item build priority - I seem to have a very short double click time in this game in the order of 0.5s or maybe lower. Half the time I double click, I end up in the move item/build mode which is annoying. Can this time be set as an option or is it something on a fixed time?

Messages - Whenever a message comes in, you now get a series of beeps. However I have found that if I'm clicking something when those beeps start, the message opens and I have to close the message and then start what I was doing again.

Colonists dying of starvation - My colonists must be the dumbest ones out there. I have them dying of starvation when there are food or rations available but they don't go and eat. When there is no food available but rations are a high priority build item, they just don't build the ration boxes, even with a Hydroponics room full of planter boxes and grown food and/or a room full of chickens. I've also noticed that some colonists will build a ration box or deliver raw food to the food prep station and then access the result two or three times at 6000 units a time. Other times a colonist will just access the food prep or rations box two or three times without delivering food or building a ration box.

IMP robots moving minerals - This problem has been around for a while. I extend the storeroom and add some items in the clear empty space. The IMP robots come in and dump minerals/fossils/body bags in the area and sometimes it prevents the items from being built (build icon turns red). This is a particular concern when you are trying to build ration boxes to prevent starvation.
I have also noticed in this build that the IMP robots don't seem to fill the material hopper anymore, they just dump it all on the floor.

IMP robot improvement suggestion - An option to set some robots to clear minerals while others dig would be handy. You could have two clearing the minerals and fossils while another one or two dig. This means that new rooms can be built without loosing as much minerals or waiting as long for the minerals to be cleared. Also while clearing minerals, can they be set to pick up all the loose minerals in the storage room and fill the materials hopper if it has the room.

Colonists actions improvement suggestion - Have colonists be able to be given certain tasks or jobs within the base. this wouldn't be used much in the beginning stages but once you got a hydroponics room and an animal room, you could specify two colonists to grow and harvest the food. If the colonists has a specialty to do with plants or animal husbandry, then they could get a bonus amount when harvesting food. Once food is harvested, they then deliver the food to either the food processing stations or a specific area within the store room.
Be able to assign colonists to build something that is high priority would also be a plus.

Additional rooms suggestions - Cool room/Freezer for storing raw food items if/when there is a surplus.
Mechanical Plant room for items like the Flywheel's, Central Air Processing/Circulation plant and other large machinery rather than dumping them in the store room where they don't really belong.
Morgue/graveyard for any dead colonists.

Additional build items suggestions - Dividing walls available for all rooms.
Freezer/fridge, Shower/bath unit (this could also affect the colonists morale), Double beds for the living quarters.
Automatic doctor/surgery pod, Recovery beds for medical.
Central Air Processing/Circulation unit along with ducts for outgoing and return airflows.
Water processing unit to provide water.
Waste processing unit to provide fertilizer/nutrients for the plants/hydroponics.
Walls with windows to look out from the base and to plug any gaps in the rock surrounding the base.
Drilling unit for water wells/gas

Base building suggestions - Give the IMP robots the ability to dig UP or Down. This would allow the base to expand in three dimensions rather than just 2 dimensionally.
Allow the IMP robots to floor over any holes/geothermal vents in the cave floor if hole/vent is set to be built on.

This build did fix a few bugs and introduced more but on the whole, a welcome update.

Regards Brad

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Re: Gameplay problems in 0.56

Post by dani » Mon Jul 04, 2016 4:41 pm

I'm also having problems with colonist starvation. It simply seems to take me too long to get a hydroponics room up and running, and by the time I do, I am out of rations. Colonists will run into the fully built and lit hydroponics room, clutch their bellies, and walk back out. They sit on the floor and cry instead of building a wind turbine. They get confused easily. Rooms warm up extremely slowly in this patch, or is it just me? I have to build 2-3 atmosphere generators or wall heaters to bring the base up to liveable temperature, which requires 2-3 wind turbines, which necessitate a repair robot, by which time my colonists are depressed about not having a bed, so they have trouble concentrating and get confused. I build the bed and they sleep in the bed and get hypothermia because the living area is 9 degrees. On like that.

I have lost almost every base that I have attempted on 0.56 to starvation or hypothermia. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong at this point. I think some balance tweaks are still needed.

Storm The Gates
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Re: Gameplay problems in 0.56

Post by Storm The Gates » Sat Jul 30, 2016 2:17 am

I'm also having trouble with my colonists dying of starvation even with ration packs in storage. I've also had 4-5 die of dehydration actually inside the storage area where there are three barrels of water.

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