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[Testing 0.56] Normal Gameplay. Base Delta.

Posted: Wed Jul 06, 2016 11:58 am
by Woetoo
This video was primarily as a reply to someone on the Steam forums who was having problems.
I just wanted to demonstrate that hypothermia and starvation could be relatively easily tackled with minimum fuss by early building of atmosphere generators.

I was a bit slow starting my food production and as a result by the 45 minute mark, I think I'd already lost 6 colonists. But another 15 minutes later and food production was in full swing and things seemed to have stabilised.

But.. another hour of play and the food production was getting dire again. It felt like either colonists were eating food quicker than it could be produced, or the colonists were prioritising other tasks ahead of farming/loading food into the food prep tables. End result, more dead colonists.
At the point where colonists started dying again at the 2 hour mark, there was a lot of food production available including a livestock room cram packed with chickens.

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