[0.58] Colonists dumb as bricks.

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[0.58] Colonists dumb as bricks.

Post by Hawk_v3 » Tue Oct 18, 2016 11:44 pm

I'm having a stack up of colonist issues, which is making it near-impossible for me to play, even on the tutorial base.

One: Colonists and Hypothermia. So they all are complaining of hypothermia, but they won't go build the power or space heaters I've told them to build. Instead, they limp around forever, drinking my water and eating my rations and then go die in a corner. Granted, I've only got one smelter running, but they won't go build the building materials I asked them to make by hand.

Two: Colonists and Starvation. With a hydroponics making potatoes, three trays of them, and a food prep station, they decide it's a great idea to not make the ration packs I've told them to build and die.

Three: Colonists and Objects. My space-suited colonist got caught on a windmill and went in tiny circles forever until he died of starvation.

Four: Colonists and Microwave Smelters. Colonists have a chance to set this thing on fire. Yet they won't give me even a second to click it and start the smelting myself.

Seriously, these idiots are just so completely dense. If there's a missing thing, they won't tell me at all, and I'm getting REALLY annoyed of "*Warning Beep* Rations - Low" times a hundred while they won't make any blasted rations. I've gone through about fifteen bodies trying to get them to set the base up to a survivable level.

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Re: [0.58] Colonists dumb as bricks.

Post by thief_a » Sun Nov 06, 2016 6:57 pm

adding: not building doors to built rooms, so colonists cought in that built room die.

just had a the main room, connected an storage area and a workarea, but they never build the door to the chickenfarm, nor the bed room (had 2 smelter, witch got used every know and then, and enough surface skin stored in storage area.. instead the 2 colonist in the chicken farm died because of dehydration and stuff, while the others just run around and died because no medical, witch i could not build, because they did not build any doors after all.
Nor to the 2 rooms that where already finished, nor an exit to an area where the imp could dig.

they also never went on to build the 3d printer.. tried to save/load, so the but up at least one door. (out of workplace to general room :( ) but ignored anything else, just where running around, chitchating and hugging each other.

i think if my ass would be strandet on a damn deadly planet, id would move my ass to make living save (at least at basic level), before having a party and die of whatever...

(i miss dungeon keepers ability to slap the guys to make em work harder :P )

also having that issue that after 2-3 times loading a game, all my screen is just dark, seeing no more rooms and stuff, just the breath and the hud, and infos if i move over things..

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Re: [0.58] Colonists dumb as bricks.

Post by TwoD » Wed Feb 22, 2017 8:05 pm

I am having the same issues in 0.60.

I can barely play for more than 20 minutes even if cheating a bit because they all die of hypothermia or asphyxiation before being able to build anything to keep them alive.
It's almost as if space heaters and atmosphere generators have no effect at all (they don't even heat up the rooms while on fire).
I built as many as 5 of them in a single room just to try to get it above 15 degrees and called down two more pods to keep this mass-extinction event from progressing, to no avail.

Not to mention all the external events going on. So many meteor storms/solar flares/quakes/whatevers are triggered I can barely keep up with all the email spam.
My colonists are always living in fear of going outside because exposure is too dangerous and they are not safe inside because of everything collapsing and crushing those that haven't frozen already.

I've only played for a couple of hours (no session more than 25 minutes, most not even 5 before all are dead) and I already have a long list of major problems.

[EDIT]: Tried one round where I insta-built everything. Put two space heaters in each room. Everyone was sweaty, but they survived. But, nothing could grow and I was constantly spammed by mail about hydroponics, where I couldn't get the temp down fast enough.
The only thing hotter was the lava, which killed two IMPs and then crashed the game...

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Re: [0.58] Colonists dumb as bricks.

Post by Arvien » Wed Nov 08, 2017 7:24 am

TwoD wrote:
Wed Feb 22, 2017 8:05 pm
I am having the pedigest.com same issues in 0.60.

I can barely play for more than 20 minutes even if cheating a bit because they all die of hypothermia or asphyxiation before being able to build anything to keep them alive.
Ikr, they drop like flies.

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