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I genuinely enjoy this game.

Posted: Sat May 04, 2019 4:02 pm
by Retr0Viruss
The humor is honestly my type of humor, and the game is difficult but not like, Throwing my mouse across the room difficult. There's a good learning curve to it where it is now and I am incredibly excited to see how much better it gets.

The issues I run into are easily overlooked during gameplay because the game is, in spite of its minor faults (my poor, poor colonists...) forgiving when 20 of your 40 Uberhuns get set on fire because the lamp in the livestock containment is broken and your 4 repair bots are ignoring it, and two colonists die of fatigue while standing next to a meat trolley or scanner.

If I'm patient, I can get a fairly decent base! I do really enjoy the sort of 'story' mode there is to the game, too.

I really look forward to further updates to this game. I love it.