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About Kickstarter and the game

Post by Koln » Sun Jan 19, 2014 7:47 pm

Hi everyone ^^.

As I just said in the introduction thread, I am Koln and I got the game from Steam early access during the Christmas. It is an amazing concept and I am pretty much enjoying the game right now, and can't wait for new features to come in! Since I've seen that there isn't much activity in the forum, I decided to post my impressions in a separate thread. But first of all, a question.

I just discovered that there is a Kickstarter for the game, where I could've gotten the alpha access for like 1/4 of what I paid on Steam. I don't know the reason for the high price on Steam, but it seems a bit unfair, doesn't it? Not that I regret paying the amount I did for the game, I gladly paid them, but since I would've gotten up to the Polokov tier with that, some of the perks of that tier would be nice ^^. That ofc is not that simple, since Steam is surely keeping some of the money, but at least there has to be something to talk about here ^^.

Now, to my thoughts about the game. First: awesome concept! Now, a little list of my thoughts. I'm sure most of these items are already on the roadmap towards release, but I'll still say them just in case.

-Earthquakes moving the camera is cool, earthquakes moving the object I'm point at with the mouse and resetting the text is a bit annoying if I'm trying to read the last part of it.
-Why is the mouse so dark? I just can't find it some times. It also feels a little sloppy to move around the mouse and point it at stuff, but I don't know if it's because of performance issues of mine.
-The animation of the contextual text appearing slowing when putting the mouse over something is cool, but is there a way to just make the text appear completely? Like clicking, or a key, or something.
-Some kind of summary of your resources would be nice, specially something like energy generation/energy consumption, but also food reserves and such.
-Some way to know what is each colonist doing would be nice.
-My colonists like their suits too much and some times wear them inside for a long time, even if the atmosphere is excellent.
-Colonists walk incredibly slow, like if Maia had like 2g instead of the 1g of Earth.
-Why are dogs running around outside? Suicide pets.
-"Uberhuhn". Loved that :D.

Well those are the most general things I can come up with. I guess I'll now read around and post in other topics if I have something to say.

Anyway, I loved the game and the concept. Keep up the good work!

Edit: I have another question. Is it planned to have 4 colonists permanently and make them procreate or something? It would be cool if every determined period of a time, a new ship came in with 4 new colonists, like what Mars One is planning to do on Mars (or what they say they are planning to do).

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