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General Questions

Posted: Wed Sep 10, 2014 5:08 pm
by Marrv
Hey guys,

I was trying to help some less than helpful people on Steam realise that to help the dev's they need to give accurate Bug reports. It ended badly so I came over here as I have trouble not feeding the trolls.

A few quick questions before I start trying to hunt bugs & replicate them before submitting reports.

1) Is the always meant to be an earthquake as you start with no tutorial (for me it always collapses the pre-dug room close to the starting area)
2) Are earthquakes meant to be able to collapse a 1x1 hole?
3) From my understanding if you start with the tutorial the is a period of time the are no earthquakes for, is this correct? If so can/is this going to be applied to the Start (no tutorial) option?
4) Is the currently a plan for there to be an "airtight check" in the base generation? If not can I suggest it as having the precious amount of starting o2 reduced by the being a pre-made hole in the base outer wall is a little evil.
5) Is the a way to measure determine how much materials you have/need to complete a project? - Mostly to aid bug fiding by ensuring the are the materials to build the structure
6) Is the a way to create an IMP if you do not already have a workshop?

Am sure the are more but cant think of them at the moment.
Also Thank You to RuairĂ­ for letting me know about this forum
And sorry to both RuairĂ­ & Simon for that thread getting off topic in steam forums.

Re: General Questions

Posted: Thu Sep 25, 2014 11:59 pm
by Mephiston
1) no
2) possibly
3) possibly
4) it has been suggested, but more support for an idea is always welcome
5) visual inspection; if you have a pile of materials in your storage, you have materials with which to build
6) no, currently the only way to replace a destroyed IMP is via the workshop.

Hope that helps.