A Yank's Take (Rock33S's Review of 0.44+)

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A Yank's Take (Rock33S's Review of 0.44+)

Post by Rock33S » Sat Sep 13, 2014 12:47 am

Simon and Team,

Love the game, very addictive even in such an early stage! Unfortunately after two days of tinkering It's time to hang up the space suit until further updates come out. I've found the game play to be just a bit to frustrating to play so far, but will certainly be back over and over in the future to test the alpha as it grows and write about my experience in the game in hopes it might be of some use. As such, thus far my experience colonizing Maia has been enlightening to say the least.


Very nice so far! Love the detail on the furniture, and the different colonists. The terrain detail thus far certainly is on the way to feeling "Otherworldly" I love the two species of Fauna in the build so far.


Here's where the frustration comes and kicks the bum support out from under me. I've found that the Colonists are mind numbingly stupid and would (7/10 Games) prefer to die of fatigue or lack of breathable atmosphere than be bothered to stop tinkering on already built doors or running back and forth from the storage area to the "Room" and back. As colonists start dieing, the rest of the colony doesn't seem to adapt and prioritize. Even setting up construction orders two or three items at a time resulted more times than not in mission essential equipment construction orders going ignored.

Colonists seem to get stuck after having built an item 30% of the time, leaving them temporarily out of action until they either succumb to the same fate as the rest of the colony such as death by fatigue or lack of air.

While I certainly enjoyed constructing the different rooms and what furniture I could when I could, I for one would like to see a much improved AI before any further eye candy additions, but this is my opinion.

Overall Flow of the Game:

All things considered each game went smoothly leaving out the AI Issues. It seemed like the days progressed a bit fast at times and I found myself struggling to make beds, atmosphere and power supply's fast enough before colonists start dropping, the AI troubles likely had a lot to do with this but I did get a couple smooth games in with little in the way of AI Troubles. The earthquakes were quite frequent and in one or two games my poor I.M.P. was smashed leaving me S.O.L. from what I gathered unless there is currently some way to replace it that I didn't discover yet.

Thank you for the opportunity to play the 0.44 Build, look forward to the next update! Glad I could drop the cash for the game on Steam and offer support to your endeavor! Keep at it Mr. Roth and Team!

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Re: A Yank's Take (Rock33S's Review of 0.44+)

Post by Icemanau » Thu Sep 18, 2014 10:02 am

I lost 3 I.M.P's within 5 minutes due to quakes.

To get a new robot, go to the workshop and scroll through the item builds. You can get one there if you have lost the one you had.

Regards Brad

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