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Blog – Update, Develop and Comic Con!

Post by Caroline » Thu Jul 30, 2015 4:03 pm


Update: "Use of Weapons" (0.49) is out!
Now your colonists have moods, they can communicate with each other and they can react to the environment around them. They also have guns to protect themselves from the creatures outside. I'm sure, down the road, the guns are going to lead to some other interesting gameplay scenarios.
Part of the update allows players to enter debug commands to spawn objects. Take a look at our Wiki to see what you can spawn in the game.

Here's some more information on the update, which is the main thing we've been working on this month.

On top of the update, Hannah has been creating some interesting trees to improve Maia's Landscape as well as designing and creating some new objects you will see in the future.

The Team

Here's a quick update on what we've been up to apart from the development of 0.49.

A couple of weeks ago Simon went to Develop, a games development conference in Brighton UK. His talk about “Killing the Lucky Indie Myth” was very popular and we got a lot of positive feedback on it.

Here's the talk if you want to have a listen.

The weekend after that Hannah and I went to London Film and Comic Con. This was especially fantastic for Hannah as she got to meet Sigourney Weaver who is a big hero of hers. The event was great, if not a bit stuffy and hot.

We've been very focused on the latest update this month. In the next few months we've going to have some interesting development blogs for you so look out for those! :D
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