Interface is unclear (0.48)

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Interface is unclear (0.48)

Post by b0rsuk » Sun Aug 02, 2015 10:03 am

Yesterday I downloaded Maia 0.48 from the main site, and tried it for the first time.

The interface really gets on my nerves. It's unclear and does a bad job communicating information:

- when building a room, and holding down the mouse button, it doesn't display its dimension. Tutorial says build a 3x3 room. Is that 3x3 or 4x4 ? Hard to estimate.
- food, atmosphere, and water are used by all (except IMPs maybe). But nowhere in the interface can I see how much I have stored. I have to scroll to storage room and hover mouse over it. I understand atmosphere is local, but come on, there must be a better way of showing it.
- I have no idea how much minerals/building materials I have.
- while building rooms and items, I have no idea how much they cost.
- item/room descriptions seem to be only available once you build it. I'm not entirely sure what a solar still is, so I built it just to read description.
- I need to switch to finger icon to see what room type I'm in.
- there is no alpha/brightness settings, and the game is very dark. The forums are very dark too and hard to read if sun shines through a window. The game is unreadable if visibility and contrast in your room is less than perfect.

So I end up scrolling around to see what's my water/food status, lose time reading haikus from colonists, and at the same time my colonist dies of starvation (in tutorial). I check out the food storage and I see it's mostly full.

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