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Post by Enshara » Tue Dec 29, 2015 6:40 pm

I got the game via steam, it is very buggy. I tried a few times, each time i wanted to restart i had to exit the game, please fix that its really annoying. The tutorial doesn't help much. To get the basic base functions going like Air, Food, Water and Power are difficult and usually colonists die,mostly from starvation, this is frustrating.

I would recommend the following functions / items for the game:
1) A User Interface/Menu (Save, Load, Exit, Restart Map etc..)
2) Health Bars
3) Food Bars
4) Water Bars
5) A construction order list plus a way to adjust the order
6) A system to feed and supply water for the colonists

I played a lot of Space Colony, i love that game, very easy and fun, Maia is good, but you need to make it user friendly and easy to understand the game MO.

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