Suggestion: Customizable Vehicles?

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Suggestion: Customizable Vehicles?

Post by Hirnsausen » Fri Mar 25, 2016 7:40 am


It would be nice, to be able to assemble customizable vehicles. I would start with the bottom platform (available or scalable in different lengths and widths), then attach my desired amount of wheels (each wheel requires some energy Watt), then one/some of the available engines (each provides a different amount of Watt), and finally the superstructures (each also consuming Watt) like cabin, crane, loading area, fuel tank or fusion reactor or batteries or other energy source(s), containers, lab, and so on. And the total weight also requires some additional Watt. Finally, I paint the vehicle in the color(s) I need.

Speed depends on engine and weight. Drive range depends on engine and Watt usage. Steepness of terrain ability also depends on Watt and weight and height.

Vehicles can be used for mid-or long-range transports and installations, as well as fun excursions or surveillance or research. Roads enhance the abilities of the vehicle.

The player is relatively free in combining and adding to the vehicle, just the "price" has to be paid: slow speed or extremely short range or often refilling with energy or fuel.

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