Request: Option for "reverse mouse camera rotation".

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Request: Option for "reverse mouse camera rotation".

Post by Woetoo » Mon Apr 04, 2016 3:48 pm

I know not everyone's brains are wired the same.

Some hold the middle mouse button and move the mouse left, and expect the camera to swing left. Others expect it to swing right.
I've no idea which way around the game currently does it, but my brain wants to do it the other way.

It would be nice if it were configurable.
It'd be nice if the sensitivity were configurable too - perhaps on a slider. Right now it feels too sensitive, but I've no clue what would feel right.

Likewise. Now that there are keys for rotating objects when placing them. It would be nice if those same keys rotated the camera too. (i.e. pressing "R" acted the same way as holding the MMB and moving the mouse left).

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