[Feedback] Construction Tooltip information

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[Feedback] Construction Tooltip information

Post by Woetoo » Sun Jun 05, 2016 6:34 pm

This has been rattling around my head for a long while.
I keep waiting for future builds before giving feedback, so I can see where the game is heading - but it never feels like the right time.
So I guess now is a good a time as any (because in another post I was talking about tooltips - so my brain wouldn't let go of it).

It appears there are 3 tooltip states for objects.
  • Template placement (new item build).
  • Awaiting being built (new item, waiting for colonist/resources).
  • Finished item (already built).
Template Placement

I think is about right. The X, Y coordinates are handy when thinking about scripting, but perhaps they should be an optional thing that can be switched on/off in the settings.
The general requirements are definitely helpful too, though I do wonder how well that will hold up once more complex requirements are added (Assuming more complex requirements, like research, are planned).
There's something that feels off. But I can't remember quite what... so I'll edit this if whatever it was comes back to me.

Awaiting being built

Currently this seems like it's just the item's name.
I think this is the main area the game's player information could be improved.
I'd really like to see which colonist has been assigned to building it (or "Unassigned").
I'd really like to see the resources that will be used to construct that item. (unless every item will be 1 materials block).
And finally, and most importantly, I'd like to see it's current build "status". More specifically I'd like to see if is #21 or #3 in the build queue and if it can't be built yet, I'd like to be told why not.

Finished item.
Again this is about right.
Though again, I know I've come across things in the past where I've thought "it would be handy to know (x)", but never made an effort to make note of it.

As I said, I've been thinking about this for a while and have more points I think I've forgotten to make. I'll update / /bump as I think of the other stuff.

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