[Feedback] General Tooltip Readability

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[Feedback] General Tooltip Readability

Post by Woetoo » Sun Jun 05, 2016 7:00 pm

Something related to my post about the construction tooltips, but more general - so I figured it deserved it's own post.


I think tooltips need a background boxing them in. A semi transparent box that makes them easier to read when overlaid onto other objects/text.
Or maybe the font just needs some extra glow/aura/shadow effect around each letter to set it apart from the background.

Whatever the solution, there are lots of occasions when things just become really difficult to read.

Sizing / Positioning

I think tooltips need to be bound to the screen too. The number of times I've moused over something on the right side of the screen or near the bottom, only to find the text disappears off one or both edges of the screen is so huge I've lost count. Breaking the player's immersion by having to move the camera just to be able to read the tooltip seems like madness.

The large font size and large amount of information mean it happens a lot.
I almost want to suggest it needs a smaller font - but I realise that has it's own problems. Plus the text styling is one of the more recognisable unique features of the game.

Then there are the occasions where there wouldn't be enough room on the screen, not matter how big the screen was... I'm looking at you "Base Manifest". It always seems to extend beyond the bottom of the screen, despite being fixed in the top left corner.

Today's example

This is a screen shot I took tonight. I went slightly out of my way to create this example - but it's the sort of thing that happens all the time and it does not make easy reading.
It's not even the worst example I've come across, though it is pretty bad. I'd give it a 6/10 on my awful scale. I've encountered lots of 10's.


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