The Horde (by 3DO)

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The Horde (by 3DO)

Post by b0rsuk » Fri Dec 07, 2012 8:12 pm


The Horde is a charming and fun DOS game. It has two distinct phases:
- during day, you plot the defense of your village, set up traps and defenders (all of them are immobile and they're a minor help only). There are spiked pits, walls, ability to create moats, and more. You also have to put your cows somewhere.
- when night comes, the terrible horde comes!

The game has a story. You are Chauncey, a young serving boy raised by a herd of cows, who saves his the king's life by hitting him on his back as he chokes on a bone. Grateful, he makes you Sir Chaunces, gives you his two-handed sword "Grimthwacker" and grants some land. Which you soon have to defend.

- for a DOS game, graphics are top quality.
- very good sound and memorable music
- dark humor that doesn't go too far
- a wide variety of items and upgrades to help you. You can even call a friendly dragon for carpet bombing. What could possibly go wrong ?
- enemies and environments that present different challenges. There's swamp, desert, tundra, forest, and the plains.

As a management game, it's very lightweight. Just keep in mind the video above is the very first level.

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Re: The Horde (by 3DO)

Post by Stalker » Sun Dec 16, 2012 1:55 am

3DO did not make it, they just published it.

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