Mission in Space: The Lost Colony (tactics/hex/alien game)

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Mission in Space: The Lost Colony (tactics/hex/alien game)

Post by b0rsuk » Sat Dec 15, 2012 9:34 pm

I'm deeply impressed by this game. It's my favorite flash game by far. It's criminally underrated. It manages to do some things better than X-COM and Space Hulk. If you like tactical and/or puzzle games (very low random factor) you will love this game.


http://www.kongregate.com/games/StormAl ... ost-colony
Note: don't play like this !

It's a flash game. It resembles the original X-COM, but has probably more in common with Space Hulk. Aliens are numerous, keep spawning, and keep coming from the walls. You have to complete a sequence of 15 missions. Typically you have to rescue someone, get to the elevator or operate some machinery. Missions are varied and difficulty picks up fast. It's not of the random and frustrating variety, though - a bad move can easily lead to a casualty, but the game has surprisingly little randomness.

It's really good. It keeps challening you. Mechanics are interesting. For starters, you have separate Action Points and Movement Points. These 2 pools are used independently, actions for shooting, reloading, operating stuff or picking up items. Movement points are for movement only. Reaction fire is strong, limited only by ammo left in magazine. However, it halves your movement speed on the next turn, which increases ammo usage in the long run. Use with caution.

Each of the 5 marines is of a different class, has one built-in ability (such as +1 movement, +3 scanner range or uses ammo at half rate) and can learn several additional ones. Respecs come at no penalty so you're free to experiment.

Presentation is very good. Solid 2D graphics, good sound effects and very good music - several tracks with different style: electronica, piano, hard rock.

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