King Arthur's Gold + Sandbox Survival

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King Arthur's Gold + Sandbox Survival

Post by YoungR » Sat Jun 01, 2013 11:19 pm


I am VanHuek, from the KAG Staff, and want to share this game,

About the game

The game is a 2D sidescroller, similar to that of Terraria, and there are two teams [red/blue] and three classes [knight/builde/archer] and the builders build a castle and defences whilst the knights and archers fight and the aim is to capture one another's flags and return it.

The game is made by two main people: MM and Geti, who does the art. Here is an example video:

The game is currently in Alpha and KAG, beta, will soon be released replacing KAG Classic. KAG Beta will be premium only and KAG Classic free for everyone [it currently costs $9.99! and is coming to Steam shortly]

My project

When beta is released it will allow far better modding capabilities with the introduction of scripting and I am running one of the largest projects.
My future aim is something completely apart from KARPS, which I haven't really thought through yet (only properly thought of it yesterday), is Sandbox Survival which is a replacement to Overworld and to Zombies and can be played Singpleplayer/Co-Op/Multiplayer and you spawn in a massive world with no resources, no equipment or armour. Foraging for supplies you make some wooden tools, begin the construction your base, and future village. With a small fort made you go off and find some stone, maybe start a keep, build a town centre and villagers start to come around the fire until jobs open up. Build a marketplace, armoury, weapon workshop, barracks and hire some guards to protect the walls for when you go out exploring to defend against the nightly raids. Whilst exploring you can find dungeons infested with different creatures and gems inside to build better armour and weapons.... and so on, this is all easily possible and don't worry KARPS will still be there.
KARPS is King Arthur's Role Playing Server that I run at the moment and
Overworld: ... ll-version was scrapped and my mode is slightly based off of that.

Check out:

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Re: King Arthur's Gold + Sandbox Survival

Post by ikachan » Wed Jun 05, 2013 6:00 am

It seems like quite a fun game. I think it's the type that would work best with a group of friends that you can team up with. It seems kind of like a medieval Ace of Spades mixed with Terraria.

Also is this game on steam?

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