Post Thu Aug 08, 2013 10:05 pm

Guns of Icarus Online

Ya'know, contrary to the MetaCritic score it is a fun game, but it's sort of like Left 4 Dead in the sense that you're only as good as your team. Some buddies of mine picked up the four pack and had a blast. I can tell you that the game requires a voice chat program to make the most of it and you have to have good coordination between your gunner and pilot. Overall I'd rate it highly as its a good looking game (Not that I get to enjoy that much. Being a Squid pilot half my time is spent flying to get us into strafing runs).

If anyone was on the fence or interested in the game, ask me anything and I'll answer what I can.

(The steam page and trailers)

(A good review of it and overview)

The game is also on sale right now, up until the 17th of August, 2013, it is 66% off. And here's a funny video about it,

(Warning: Coarse language at times)