The dark mod.

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The dark mod.

Post by Klax » Sat Sep 14, 2013 5:48 am

I don't know how many people here played the old Thief games (Thief the dark project and Thief 2 the metal age) but if you did and have fond memorys be sure you check out
Its a fan made total conversion of doom 3 made to resemble and play like (though considerably more difficult) the old thief games, the team members are all thief fantactics and the project has been going since 2004 or 5 with 1.0 being released in 2009. Its completely free but currently requires doom 3 to play, however they have been working for months since the doom 3 source code was released to make it a standalone game.

All the levels are currently fan made (and powerful mission building tools are available to everyone) but a official campaign is underway, albeit slowly. I really cant say enough nice things about it so check it out yourself.

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