Sierra City Builders.

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Sierra City Builders.


General thread for all Sierra Published City Builders, which i think covers the

Zeus Master of Olympus
Children of the Nile
Emperor Rise of the Middle Kingdom
Medieval Mayor

I've been on a nostalgia run through Zeus and also the original Caesar games, i really miss the classic city builder style games. Wondering if anyone else remembers these games at all

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Re: Sierra City Builders.

As of now, i own every Sierra-Citybuilder on GoG (thanks for pointing out Children of the Nile).

Great Games, always good for killing a few hours :D

If you like this types of games you should check out
Its not too deep, but fun nonetheless

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Re: Sierra City Builders.

thank you.

and yes tynan is doing well.
He deserves some momentum and support.
I already backed. and got to know this game in the process (-:


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