Novus AEterno: The Next Evolution in RTS Games

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Novus AEterno: The Next Evolution in RTS Games

Post by K. Johnson » Fri Jan 03, 2014 8:22 pm

The LARGEST STRATEGY GAME ever built!! Negotiate, Trade, Dominate, Deceive in a Persistent Universe with thousands of players. ... -rts-games <------ Kickstarter ... OMAI8H3QTk <------ Alpha Gameplay Trailer

Yes i'm bit lazy :P copied the wall of text from kickstarter page, there is muuuuuuch more text in their kickstarter. I seriously suggest that you folks even take a look at their trailer and kickstarter. I can't even begin to describle what those devs are doing it's so magnificent, atleast in my humble opinion C:
And pardon for not adding screens, i'm not that great forum poster :P
Still 23 days remaining on kickstarter, theyr are funded yes but the more is always merrier + the stretchgoals :)

Start with a home planet that you can never lose. Expand your control outward across an unlimited universe of galaxies. It’s a sandbox in space where you can build your empire-- and influence over other players. Do it anyway you wish: through diplomatic channels, intelligence, military might or economic power. Thousands and thousands of players at one time on one seamless map. The game never stops, even when you are off line, There is always a way to rebuild and recover, and there are always potential new allies and foes ready to engage you on a truly galactic scale. The strategic choices you make today will affect your tactical efforts next week, next month, and even next year!

Long-term, real-life strategies: every decision you make matters!

In real life, strategic decisions do matter and carry weight that have lasting effects, beyond accumulating points on a leaderboard or in a battle report. Leaders take responsibility for the consequences of their decisions – good or bad. Novus AEterno allows each decision every gamer makes to play out over time across an infinite universe. Just as in real life, the ever-evolving universe is determined solely by the ripple effects of every action and reaction.

Dynamic Balancing: a force that rewards, destroys and levels the playing field for all

It’s just the nature of things. Everything you do has natural consequences in real life and in Novus AEterno. If you choose to expand your empire too fast without support, rebellions may erupt. Or, if you become a bully, many alliances will want to team up against you. The bigger you are, the harder it is to defend your position, while smaller empires find it easier to expand. The consequences of your choices are coded into the game as you play. Discover more of these dynamic forces as they are revealed in updates.

Novus AEterno will be available as a ONE-TIME PURCHASE upon its initial release on Steam. Options will exist for buying expansion packs and, most importantly, for buying a premium “Quality of Life” account. These premium accounts include the following perks:

Longer offline build queues. If a user is offline quite often, he can still keep progressing and not completely fall too far behind friends who are more active.
Additional automated trade routes between your own planets. This does not make it less vulnerable, only simpler to manage your empire.
More in-depth AI customization. A bit more options for your offline and online AI.
As you can see, all of our additional purchase options provide you the opportunity for a greater in-game experience. But we will never offer players the chance to buy their way to victory.

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