Starter colony, but someone near airlock is stuck (bug rep)

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Starter colony, but someone near airlock is stuck (bug rep)


I bought into the game purchasing it on Steam Early Access. So far I think it has a lot of potential and I want to support Simon Roth et. al. as much as possible.

See attached, this is a save game of my 4th attempt at a colony, I think I've covered the basics, some people are a bit worse for wear but I think I gave them too much to build too quickly and they are worn out, lol.

Anyway, I thought I would submit because this save game has two big bugs that I've noticed, one is that there is a person stuck near the inside entrance to the airlock, they won't move at all and they have been standing there a while now.

Also, if I load the game and leave it running, the game crashes every time I've tried it (about 5 times) after about 3 to 5 minutes.

So, if you want to investigate some bugs load this save file and it should crash the game on demand after a short wait (no need to interact with anything), so I hope this helps debugging.

Regards, Renegade.

Edit: Looks like the attachment did not upload (.bin is not allowed, tried a zip but that was too large too). Although I've been experimenting, I think the problem is the Livestock room, I noticed a massive number of chickens, so I deleted the Livestock room, it's an invasion of chickens! but the game did not crash again, and some time later the stuck person eventually moved.

Edit again: just read an article and posted in another thread about the infinite chicken spawn "ammusing" feature, which has totally put me off this game at least for a while. WHY would Simon leave a bug like this in there which makes the game unplayable after an hour or so? Why would anyone do such a thing? makes no sense to me what so ever, sorry, I'm out for a while.

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Re: Starter colony, but someone near airlock is stuck (bug r

Re check your game again.

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