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Colonists AI

Post by sebopop » Wed Nov 02, 2016 9:30 am


I bought the game 17euros on steam the 5 dec. 2013, and the game is still unplayable (!) because the colonists are useless:
-They get stuck in newly built rooms because they don't build the doors.
-They build the objects in double, triple or whatever
-They are so sloooooooooow

It's very clear that the work-queue is not actually a work queue.
Why haven't you implemented a global priority todo queue where each item is dequeued when assigned to a colonist, and eventually discarded on completion or requeued on cancellation:
priority 0: fire
priority 1: building room and doors
priority 2: building objects

Then each colonist get its own priority queue:
priority 0: with eating, drinking, hugging, whatever
priority 1: building

This way the colonists can effectively use multiple workbenchs, don't get stuck, don't die of starvation, etc...

I haven't posted a review on steam yet, but i think i will because this game and Godus are the only games i truly regret buying.


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