Playing with no middle mouse button

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Playing with no middle mouse button

Post by geeoharee » Wed May 17, 2017 8:17 pm

I'm trying to do the tutorial and it says hold the middle mouse button to rotate the screen. My mouse doesn't have a middle button (I'm using the touchpad on my laptop).

I checked the Controls list and tried pressing R and T to rotate but they didn't do anything. WASD to move the camera works fine. Is there any way to re-map the middle button within Maia's controls settings?

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Re: Playing with no middle mouse button

Post by Woetoo » Thu May 18, 2017 3:20 pm

After a bit of messing this afternoon, I came up with answers for your problems...

R and T are only used to rotate objects as you place them.
Whilst they aren't mentioned in the CONTROLS options menu, you can Zoom in and out using the PGUP and PGDN (PageUp and PageDown) keys.

EDIT: I initially thought ALT+A and ALT+D were bugged keys tied to rotating the camera. I was wrong.
It turns out that moving the camera around can be done by holding ALT down instead and moving the mouse.
In the same way that the objective is to press the middle mouse button, just pressing and holding ALT will advance you beyond this objective.

Additionally, when the game asks you to press WASD to move the camera around... you can press W, W, W, W (or any of the other 3 keys) and the game lets that count.

I put in a couple of bug reports on your behalf linked to this. (mail support [at] maiagame [dot] com)
Simon got back to me to point out I was wrong about ALT+A and ALT+D and explained that the real answer was ALT+Mouse.

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