Having problems? READ THIS FIRST

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Having problems? READ THIS FIRST

Post by Belsameth » Thu Jun 20, 2013 3:52 pm

People with problems, I have a fairly important announcement.


Without this your report is almost useless. If possible, also include a dxdiag report.

Stolen from the relic forums because I am lazy.
DxDiag is a commonly requested file when dealing with tech problems. It contains information about the hardware your computer has and all sorts of other helpful information. This file does not contain any sort of personal information.

How to obtain your DxDiag file:

1. From the desktop click: Start > Run (or windows key + r).
2. In the blank text field of the window that appears type “dxdiag” without the quotes. Press run or hit enter.
3. Another window should appear titled DirectX Diagnostic Tool. Near the bottom of the window click on “Save All Information…” A popup should appear with a progress bar, this may take a few minutes.
4. After it completes a dialog should appear asking you where to save the file, I would recommend saving it to your desktop (automatically selected) with the default name and file type.
5. Open the file on your desktop (or wherever you saved it) and select all (ctrl + a) and copy (ctrl + c).
6. Paste the information in the tags as it can be quite heavy. That is it.


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