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Save Game Folder

Post by Woetoo » Sat Jul 11, 2015 1:46 pm

I'm currently running Maia on Windows 7.

Currently the game saves it's configuration file, log and save games to what I assume to be folder pointed to by HK_CU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders\Personal within a "Maia" subfolder. Essentially ".\My Documents\Maia".

I wonder if I could convince you to move that to ".\My Documents\My Games\Maia" ?

There are no gaming folder standards. No registry key to match things like Desktop, My Pictures or Local AppData, defined by Microsoft.
Some games store such things directly in .\My Documents\ (like Maia), some use .\My Documents\My Games\ (examples would be Fallout3, Age of Empires 3, Hawken, Civ5, Skyrim, XCOM E.U. or Terraria), others use .\Users\<username>\AppData Local or Roaming (GuildWars2, Blizzard's Battle.Net, Assassin's Creed). Some use a mix (config files in AppData, save games in My Documents\My Games\ for example).

My Documents does make makes sense, because some users will regularly back that up. Most wouldn't even know that AppData even exists.
However... lots of sub folders directly off .\My Documents\ feels untidy to me. After all it's supposed to be "My" documents, not your documents. I can't do anything about multitude of games that already litter my documents folder with their subfolders - but while Maia is still in Alpha, I can at least mention it for your consideration.

As I say the "My Games" subfolder is already commonplace and in my mind neater. Just a thought.

I appreciate in the short term that means a disruption to existing testers/players - where their save games or game configuration are reset, because the game is looking for them in a different folder. But it's still alpha and it'll be much harder to change it later.

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