Maia Backer Heads

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Maia Backer Heads

Kris will be posting his in-progress shots of the sculptures he is doing of our Marvin tier backers here!

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Re: Maia Backer Heads

Hello Guys and Gals

So these screengrabs will be mentioned in larger updates in the future but to reward our marvellous community i'd like to share the work I do with you guys as I do it.

If any of the head backers read this, I hope I can reward your support justly, I hope you get a kick out of seeing these in game.

So on with the show.... I did a little live stream of this sculpt today, just a test, but it seemed to work and the few watching seemed to enjoy it so I may continue.
My Stream is here

If it starts to get popular ill pop a microphone in and answer any questions you may have.. Ill try and give you some warning when ill do them via twitter (@kris_hammes)

Ok so the first sculpt is below... enjoy......


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