IMPS now take stuff to storage.

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IMPS now take stuff to storage.

Post by SimoRoth » Tue Aug 20, 2013 1:09 am

Woop. FINALLY. Turns out my code that I'd written during the Kickstarter wasn't half bad and getting it working wasn't entirely soul destroying. :P
There is also a storage hopper object that you can use to reduce the space usage of the materials. However that's not yet hooked up.

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Re: IMPS now take stuff to storage.

Post by nightarix » Sun Aug 31, 2014 9:39 pm

i have a suggestion or two relating to this. 1. add two modes to the imps that can be toggled(so they prioritize) between a miner and a collector('scavenger'?) that way we can have a miner/collector pair.(one digs it out the other collects it) 2. make them either wander the base when idle or have them return to storage when idle.

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