Rough roadmap to 0.50

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Re: Rough roadmap to 0.50

Post by Peacekeeper777 » Mon Jan 27, 2014 8:57 pm

Will there be an option for us where we get a menu with objects to choose from (when building, etc.) and with descriptions and art picture or so?

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Re: Rough roadmap to 0.50

Post by Woetoo » Sun Aug 02, 2015 7:51 pm

Apologies for resurrecting such an old thread...

The roadmap here (already admitted as being considerably out of date over a year ago) said that 0.50 will beginning of working on the campaign.
I'm implying from that, 0.50 is where you'd consider the core components of the game complete?
Since 0.49 is upon us, this roadmap seemed relevant again (if only as a milestone to be ticked off).

Yes, things might be reworked, added or removed completely as a result of designing the campaign experience - but when you set out to write Maia, I'm assuming you had a core vision for what the campaign would be like and the features that the game would need to include to accomplish that. And how the majority of those features and tools are would be in place for 0.50?

Is 0.50 still the goal for being "feature complete" in what I'm calling in my own head as Sandbox Mode?

Right now I'm just playing a bit, providing a bit of feedback about the current build - while not really looking at the "big picture" because it's still Alpha and there are a lot of numbers between 0.49 and 1.00. But if the goal is pseudo "feature complete" by 0.50 - then that implies the finished game and 0.50 functionally being very similar (in terms of UI, "feel", etc) with pacing, context, resource management and other systems being provided by the campaign. And if that is the case, then I (and maybe others) need to think less in terms of "let's wait to see what it's like later" and realise that "later" is sooner than we think.

I watched your video about smaller studios. About being clear about metrics and costs. About making the game you want without compromising to the howling horde, whilst at the same time not being locked into a direction that can't be changed based on feedback. If time is running out on gameplay features that aren't tied to the campaign, then this member of the howling horde might say a couple of things I was holding on to until I got to see a bit more of where the development was leading us.

In you video you talked about upper and lower bands. If I recall correctly you were talking about finances - but would that not also apply to time? Do you have an upper and lower estimate for a fully functional release date for the full game including all the features you currently feel are appropriate? (Maybe you're already said and I missed it, because the last date I saw... and I'm not very observant... was from that Kickstarter of June 2013).

Would a new roadmap be appropriate?

Would a peak into finished game (as least how you currently envision it) be appropriate? The reason I ask is I don't know what the finished game will be like... again, maybe it's already been explained in detail somewhere and I missed it. Is it a simple single campaign or a series of progressively more complex/difficult campaigns based on different scripted events/starting conditions (Theme Hospital or Startopia like). Where will the humour of the game come from? ("Liberally influenced by nineties god games, the game will have a dark sense of humour...") or is that something that has been rethought as work has progressed? Is "first person mode" likely to be part of that gameplay?

Do you envision everything that is currently only explained in the WIKI being introduced into gameplay? Or is the WIKI expected to still be an active resource for the finished game?

Sorry to be a pain.

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