Alpha 0.39.1 Release notes.

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Alpha 0.39.1 Release notes.

Post by SimoRoth » Fri Jan 17, 2014 10:51 pm

Lots of stuff went in today! Mac and Windows builds are live on Steam.

  • Fixes for the multi-threading. Better performance.
  • New rigs (skeletons) for female characters, more detail, less glitching.
  • New animations for female characters.
  • A few shader optimisations.
  • More variation in the colonists. New heads.
  • Lots of new sound work, doors now have sounds.
  • Research is in. Terminal computers will generate research and tape drives will store it. Researches effects are not turned on yet.
  • Interaction points with objects are now shown with holograms to illustrate where a colonist will stand.
  • A few physics meshes fixes. Will make mouseovers easier/cleaner.
  • Tape drives and terminals will be built faster.
  • Object placement now lists prerequisites for building .
  • Multiple odd glitches fixed. (Negative water, hungry doors etc)

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Re: Alpha 0.39.1 Release notes.

Post by kevok » Tue Jan 21, 2014 6:08 am

I'm fading right now (Its 1AM here, can't remember/think), but here's the bugs I've found thus far:

BUG: IMP either got stuck in a minerals or else it got stuck pathfinding to a minerals, rendering him useless.
PROTIP: Being able to build IMPS wouldn't hurt atm
BUG: buildables extend a tile beyond their room, EX: I was able to build workbenches in the hallways
BUG?: Research is done without human assistance? It could also have been an animation bug (I had a chair where the human sits)
BUG? Why is everyone in space suits? Atmosphere toxicity is "Good"

Did not test workshop construction, will test next time
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Re: Alpha 0.39.1 Release notes.

Post by MNOne » Sun Jan 26, 2014 9:57 pm

One request for a tweak: make it a bit more likely that colonists will keep working on what they're currently doing (e.g. building at a workbench) and finish the project they've started rather than always deciding to go repair something. Especailly since right now almost everyone else is also going to repair it, leading to one person actually repairing it whilst the others waste time putting suits on and taking them off, before failing to go back to the job they were originally doing.

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Re: Alpha 0.39.1 Release notes.

Post by marine565 » Thu Jan 30, 2014 5:43 pm

What update can we expect support for people with lower end rigs here?

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