Alpha 0.40 release notes.

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Alpha 0.40 release notes.

Going live on Steam Friday 2000GMT


  • Save games. Basic save game functionality. f5 to save, f9 to load. Currently saves the world (atmosphere, heat, block types), rooms and basic object information. Does not store research, or other complex state data like AI. The file format will likely change again by version 0.44, so don't get too attached to them saves.
  • Resolution changing from the menu. No restart required, full screen resolutions will now align properly at Retina and 4k resolutions if you have a computer that can handle them.
  • Texture setting changing from the menu. If you have low performance this will likely improve the game substantially. Tip: The visual difference between High and Medium is very small for those running at 1080p or lower.
  • Realtime raytraced reflections in screenspace (RLR). Reflective surfaces will now reflect objects near them. This tech is prototype and will be improved once I have the time.
  • Fixes for lighting. Lighting should appear more accurate and balanced.
  • Floor materials. Many of the floors and walls have been tweaked to improve their specular and reflections.
  • Depth sampling fix. The depth is now sampled more accurately. Snow and shadows should judder less when moving the camera.
  • Build-able object bug fix. More objects should be built by the colonists. ( Hopper and chairs for example)
  • Crash fix. A few particle effects would crash when rendering 0 particles.
  • Cache optimisation. Moved some data about that should speed up some of the simulation and reduce CPU load.
  • Room optimisation. Rooms should now cause less of a CPU hit. Pathfinding in them should be smoother, and rendering them should be faster.
  • Lots of code cleanup. Might cause a few things to go a little faster and be a little less crashy.


Such update!

0.39.1's notes:

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Re: Alpha 0.40 release notes.

Some of the text appears to be cropped at the bottom on super low resolutions, although I'm not quite certain why anyone would be trying to play Maia at 640x480.
First complaint is I spawned with a hole in my base yet again. It was kinda diagonal too, so I couldn't simply put a Bulkhead Door in there to plug it. I don't think it did anything gameplay wise though, except totally break my immersion :P
I was able to watch colonists actually build things, so that's good.

Bug #1: Colonists "Can never reach" locations they are right next to.

Bug #2: Animals freely leave through the open airlock. Apparently Maia is only toxic to humans?

Bug? #3: I'm pretty sure you were able to get the tutorial to shut up in .39, I had less success this time.

Bug #4: You can place doors on the corners of rooms
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Re: Alpha 0.40 release notes.

Will we see the .40 alpha on the members portal anytime soon? steam's all fine and well, but I'd prefer to get it from the portal. just realized that I was running the .39 version that was giving me troubles.
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Re: Alpha 0.40 release notes.

Ah yeah. I'll throw that up. Sorry always forget now that Steam is so busy.

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Re: Alpha 0.40 release notes.

SimoRoth wrote:Ah yeah. I'll throw that up. Sorry always forget now that Steam is so busy.

I must be doing something wrong. can't find the .40 version on the site. and steam isn't letting me know why it's version won't start. (it just crashes and sais it's stopped working. no reason given.)
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Re: Alpha 0.40 release notes.

Sorry for the bump, getting round to activating this on Steam. Any ETA for a direct download on the portal?
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Re: Alpha 0.40 release notes.

Has a newer patch been released because my Steam version updated today?

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Re: Alpha 0.40 release notes.

I have a sort of longer term question. Will we end up having an increasing population at some point? I think right now I get 4 colonists, but if one dies then it seems I can never recover. Will this be a kind of permanent factor of the game or will we be able to have population increases at some point?
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Re: Alpha 0.40 release notes.

Simon, given your current rate of progress, realistically how long should I expect to wait until there is a product that can be considered "finished"?

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Re: Alpha 0.40 release notes.

It would seem that after a string of small updates, suddenly nothing is happening anymore. Is this project still running?
If it is, how about an update showcasing the work that has been done in the past few months?

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