Repair Bot Audio Bug

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Repair Bot Audio Bug

Post by Zekseidu » Wed Feb 17, 2016 2:50 am

Alpha build number: 0.53

Operating System: Windows 10

Bug severity: Unexpected behaviour

Complete steps to replicate bug:

1. Create a repair bot
2. Manually control repair bot, get it stuck in storage room wall
3. Disengage from manual control of the repair bot
4. Repair bot frees itself from wall, but keeps playing movement audio continuously
5. Destroy repair bot, repair bot movement audio keeps playing continuously

Console output: ??

Maia Config settings:
Fullscreen, 1766x368, Anti-aliasing off, textures rubbish, text effects off

Other notes: Destroying the repair bot did not do anything to cause the movement audio from the repair bot to stop playing. It causes that iteration of the game to be practically unplayable (though mechanically still playable). It's annoying.

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