The Maia Colony Building Challenge For Update 0.54

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The Maia Colony Building Challenge For Update 0.54

Post by Caroline » Wed Mar 09, 2016 4:43 pm

After each update we'll give you a theme. Your challenge is to create a base to go along with that theme.

Submissions can range from save games, screenshots, short stories written about your colonists or all three!

Submit these in the Save Game section on or on
Make sure you include [MCBC] in the title.

Winners will receive either a Maia key to share with a friend or an exclusive Maia wristband that we usually only give out at shows.

This update's theme is: "Nice and Cosy"
This means you'll be able to utilise the new temperature simulations and coloured lighting.


Where is my save game?
In your Maia folder you will find a file called savegame.bin, that's your saved game.

Where will we post wristbands to?

When does this update challenge end?
11th of April

Where and when will the winner be announced?
We'll be showcasing a few of the best submissions on our twitter during the challenge. The winner will be featured in next months theme announcement.
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Re: The Maia Colony Building Challenge For Update 0.54

Post by Arklancer » Fri Mar 25, 2016 10:35 am

Building a base now for the contest! Will do screenshot!

Update 3/25/2016
Game crashes midway. Just stops working. Please fix soon :(

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Re: The Maia Colony Building Challenge For Update 0.54

Post by Woetoo » Tue Apr 05, 2016 12:20 am

The forums here don't allow files which are named .BIN.
There is also a file size limit of 256KiB.

Could I perhaps suggest that someone with phpBB site admin rights increase the file size limit to say 8MB to allow registered users to upload SaveGame.bin files (mine is a little under 5MB) and consider adding BIN to the list of allowed file extensions.
It might help with bug reporting too.

Even if the size were only increased to 600KiB, that would at least allow people to attach compressed copies of save files.

Otherwise, we're into the realms of Dropbox or GoogleDrive or Microsoft's OneDrive (urghhhh). Another level of complexity and another point of failure.

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