Low Temperature Warnings about Generic Room [0.54]

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Low Temperature Warnings about Generic Room [0.54]

Post by Woetoo » Thu Mar 31, 2016 8:08 pm

Alpha build number: 0.54
Operating System: Windows 7

Bug severity: Unexpected behaviour - Low Temperature Warnings about Generic Room Casing rooms

Because I had dug out a largish area that I didn't want to risk the roof collapsing during the next maia-quake, I decided to use the Generic Room Casing room. Before long, I started to get voice acted "Low Temperature Warnings in... Base." warnings. It took a while before I realised it was the new generic room.

It's difficult to know what the unexpected behaviour is here. Either...
  • I'd prefer the warning to say "Generic Room" instead of "Base"
  • I'd like the temperature to show when mousing over the walls (like other rooms). It doesn't currently
  • I'd like the game not to care about the temperature of Generic Rooms
What I mean is, when I was trying to figure out which room was too cold I was hovering my mouse over the walls of each rooms in my base in turn. None were a problem, but that was because I couldn't see the status of the generic room.
The way I eventually I worked it out definitively was to build a Wall Monitor into that room. I then demolished the room to stop the computer constantly warning me about it.
I rebuilt it again to prove the point. I didn't care about that room, which was why I was fine demolishing it - and the computer didn't give me warnings when the room was just a big empty space.

It's inconsistent.

Either it's a "real" room, in which case it deserves it's own warning and to be able to see the stats when you hover over the walls. Or it's just a "non-room", in which case the computer shouldn't care about it being too cold.
I appreciate that there are other rooms that don't have their own voiced warnings yet. But those tend to be rooms that have been added relatively recently. The Generic Room has been there since the start. Plus the whole "can't mouse-over the walls" makes me think this is a special case that's either too special or not special enough.

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Re: Low Temperature Warnings about Generic Room [0.54]

Post by SimoRoth » Mon Apr 04, 2016 3:31 pm

This is fixed in 0.55. Was a floating point error.

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