Update 0.54: Celsius

Discussion of Maia's on going development, including modding.
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Update 0.54: Celsius

Post by Caroline » Wed Mar 09, 2016 4:48 pm

This new release introduces increased feedback for players including wall monitors, an improved room placement system, measured temperatures and colour pickers.

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Here's Simon showing off some of the latest changes:

Temperature Simulation
Thermal energy is now fully simulated in the game. Every element of gameplay is now affected by temperature and it’s a critical factor in keeping your colonists alive and well. Hypothermia and hyperthermia can affect your colonists with lethal consequences.


The caves of Maia are cold and dark, players can create heat by placing the new wall mounted space heaters as well as the existing atmosphere generators. Various other items create heat too, for example smelters, computers, human bodies, chickens and lights.


Be careful not to make the rooms too hot as colonists will burn up, quite literally.

Colonists will also show signs that they are cold, you’ll notice their breath starts to show in cold areas of the base and them shivering as hypothermia takes its grip.


Base Customisation
Several items can now be customised using the new colour picker. Choosing either warm or cool colours can affect the moods of your colonists.


Wall mounted screens have been added to give more feedback to the players. These monitors show atmosphere status, temperature status and aesthetic images to improve your colonists moods.


Another placeable wall item is the Circuit Breaker, you’ll be able to turn these off and on to control the power in rooms. This is useful if you need to conserve energy or to stop the colonists from using certain rooms.


Stratospheric Sulphates
Begin the geoengineering of Maia with the mining of sulphur in the shadow of an active volcano.

The latest standalone mission to be added Maia, Stratospheric Sulphates introduces several new challenges for experienced players. Rush to build a self sustaining base as hot volcanic ash and embers rain down on your demoralised colonists


User Interface Improvements.
We’ve worked to improve the overall feel of the game and provide the player with more feedback.

The room placement interface has been dramatically improved. It’s now easier to use and allows the player more creative control and feedback. You’re also able to flood fill areas by double clicking whilst in the room placement mode and delete whole rooms by double right clicking them.


Rotation for objects has also been added to make it easier to place objects.

Emails And Announcements
Several new warning emails have been added. These include meteorite warnings, earthquake warnings, Weather warnings and new death alerts.


New announcements have been added to alert the players many new events including base power state problems, temperature changes, research alerts and the state of rations.

You can now follow Simon’s code changes for upcoming updates in real time at dev.maiagame.com.


Change Log:
Colonist Changes
  • Automatic Smelting. When colonists need building materials they will turn the smelters on automatically, however this comes with a risk. Colonists that are unskilled in smelting may cause fires and could fatally hurt themselves.
  • Colonists medical need balanced.
  • Fix for colonists breathing through their suits.
  • Suit will no longer be stuck venting after the colonist has died.
  • Perspiration, skin temperature, ventilation and heart BPM are now saved.
  • Colonists no longer get stuck on external objects when repairing them.
  • The first task on load for colonists is no longer to be social.
  • The base roof no longer appears when trying to process colonists inside.
IMP Changes
  • IMP Digging AI changes including removing the digging marker when the rock wall has been removed.
  • IMP will place minerals further away from food or water barrels.
  • IMPs are more able to pick up body bags in weird places.
  • Game no longer crashes if the player is possessing an object and it gets crushed in a cave in.
  • IMP’s animation for pulling plants has been corrected.
Object Changes
  • Maximum fuel in many objects has been reduced to shorten burn time.
  • Toilet multiplication on load has been fixed.
  • Doors can not be placed on top of each other any more.
  • Issues when moving broccoli fixed.
  • Balanced the creation of atmosphere.
  • Use R and T to rotate objects
  • Fixes for non-buildable items. Desk and medical scanners.
  • Necropsy table keeps giblets after saving.
  • Fix for radiation containment research lock.
Creature Changes
  • Dead creatures have stopped walking around after they have died.
  • Chickens should no longer cause a memory leak.
  • Chickens should no longer walk off into the unknown.
  • Molerats will now only consider eating plants and equipment that are less than 100m away from it.

Room/World Changes
  • Missing Roof tiles have been fixed.
  • Living area and livestock room tones fixed.
  • Invalid L shaped rooms are now marked red.
  • Broken rock walls roof graphics have been corrected
  • Deleting rooms no longer deletes rock walls.
  • Reduced the “absurd” resolution of the rain textures.
Mission Changes
  • Several fixes and alterations to the tutorial.
  • Crew selection added to custom missions.
  • Initial trigger for missions not working has been fixed.
  • 3x3 room objective in tutorial now completes correctly.
Settings Changes
  • Text effect option issues have been fixed
  • Changing textures no longer breaks visuals.
  • Edge scrolling has been reduced. This means hovering over the save button doesn’t scroll the screen.
  • Capitalisation errors that were causing issues with Linux have been corrected.
  • Starting a new game after sandbox failure no longer causes black screen issues.
  • Research cheats have been moved to the console. Type “r” or “research” in the console to complete all research.
  • Refractor of the game.
  • Fix for black screen when calling down a lander.
  • Several memory leak issues fixed.

Simon has been live streaming development every Friday over on Twitch.

We hope you enjoy Maia’s Update, give us your feedback on the Steam Forum, or by mentioning @Maia on twitter.
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Re: Update 0.54: Celsius

Post by Hirnsausen » Sat Mar 26, 2016 8:16 am

Can light sources not also influence the mood of the settlers? Warm light colors, cold light colors, and such.

Here is a very important suggestion:
when I started the game, I got many dozens of errors, and even worse, each time I had to press a button on my keyboard, to get the loading continued. Bad thing. After 20 minutes of uncountable errors and keyboard strokes, I decided to suggest an "Error Log" file to you. Please make the loading going on after errors without first having to press a button. Any problems, and the player can send you the error file or publish it here.

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